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More Vol.4 scans!

Here are some pictures I really like.

Jack, Elizabeth, Tia, Gibbs and BarbossaCollapse )

POTC Magazine Vol.4 scans!

The new magazine is out!! <3
I thought it would feature the sparrabeth island comic but no... *sniff!*
But the magazine was most about female pirates! Maybe I'll translate some of that tomorrow...
Funny is that it says that female pirates were wery good at fighting. As good or even better than the male pirates!
And then it says "Smart Captains would allow women to join them for this". XD
There even was a swedish girl who turned herself pirate so she wouldn't have to marry an old rich guy and ended up leading a female-only crew!

Anyway! Here's the comic featuring another female pirate, Mary Bonny (Mary Read and Anne Bonny).
She's real fun!
The Serpent's EyesCollapse )

I hope there will be some Lizzie in the next one...*sniff!*

I hope you liked it! ;)


Sparrabeth Wallpapers (600x800)

Here are some wallpaper I made this week.



All AWE pics in a downloadable file

As you can see, photobucket gave up on me... *sigh*
I decided to make a zip file with all the pictures.
Now you just have to download the file to see it...



AWE picspam part.6

Four pictures I forgot to upload with the other posts.

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Sparrabeth manip Wall

I made a wallpaper with a better version of my manip.
It's simple but I like it!

Let's give in to curiosityCollapse )


The red posters!!!

Here are the red versions of the posters!
I prefer these over the misty ones.

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AWE picspam part.5

Books and other stuff.
Books, dolls, SparrabethCollapse )


AWE picspam part.4

More pictures:
Concept artCollapse )


AWE picspam part.3